One Day Upper Tatshenshini Rafting

The Tatshenshini is perfect for the whole family. This exciting class III/IV river runs through beautiful scenery. We can cater the excitement level based on how we rig the raft and how we run the river. This allows us to take guests that are just 6 years old, or have a rowdy day on the river. Everyone that comes down has fun!

We have been operating rafting trips on the Tatshenshini River since 1983.

We provide wet suits, wet suit booties, helmets, lunch, paddling jackets and lifevests. The customer is to provide underlayers to wear. Do not wear cotton (i.e. wool sweater, polypro or fleece top are fine to wear).

The trip can be done in one day, leaving Whitehorse by 7:45 a.m. and returning to Whitehorse by approximately 7:30 p.m. We do not provide transportation to the river, but do provide a courtesy shuttle from the end of the trip back to your vehicle at the put-in. Vehicle rentals and a map to the river location can be arranged in Whitehorse. The upper Tatshenshini is located on the Haines Road, a 2.5 – 3 hour ride from Whitehorse – an extremely scenic drive in itself.

Note: Grizzlies, bald eagle and spawning salmon are a common sight.



Arrive at 10:00am (no later than 10:30).

Trip departs at 11:00am.

Stop for lunch in mid day.

Continue rafting.

Take Out at around 3:00pm (Depending on group size, water level, lunch time, etc.).

Shuttle back to your vehicles at around 4:00pm.

Trip Complete.

How to Get Here:

From Whitehorse (drive is approximately 2.5 hours):

Drive West, highway # 1 to Haines Junction; 154 kms

Drive South, Highway # 3 towards Haines Alaska; 101 kms

Put in: Just past the BC/Yukon border, about 300 metres, turn right. You will see the sign.

If you come from Haines:

Just past the Blanchard River bridge, 300 metres, turn left.

If you arrive at the Yukon/BC border you have passed it by 300 metres.



Pricing & Dates

Available daily from May – August.

Cost: $165 CAD per person / $145 CAD kids 13 & under, all necessary paddling equipment

Ask about group rates.

Prices are subject to change without notice. 5% GST applicable to all prices.

Tatshenshini River Put-In


  • Whitehorse—Haines Junction: 158 km (98 Miles)
  • Haines Junction —Turnoff at Blanchard Camp: 101 km (63 miles)
  • Whitehorse—Blanchard Camp: 259 km (161 miles)

Drive from Whitehorse is 2.5 hours

“One of the best ways to spend a summer day in Yukon.”

Rafted the Tatshenshini River day trip. The guides were amazing, lunch was tasty, the wetsuit kept me warm, and the rafts were comfortable. We laughed and squealed through the rapids and all of the play between rafters. We flipped, we swam, we laughed. A really good time was had by all! Now to raft the Tutshi River.

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