Peel Watershed, The Bonnet Plume River

We have done charter trips on the Bonnet Plume since 1986 and decided to make it a yearly outing. 12 days of pristine Peel Watershed wilderness.

The Bonnet Plume flows from the Mackenzie Mountains through several ranges into the Peel River and it is one of the best whitewater trips in Yukon. The Bonnet Plume River passes through a wide range of environments, a pristine wilderness rich in natural history, which is home to a herd of woodland caribou, sheep moose and grizzlies. Hiking and wildlife viewing are fantastic. Our trip is canoes with raft support. We will fly in from Mayo into Bonnet Plume Lake. You can run the rapids or ride in the raft and experience a true Yukon wilderness experience.

Trip Details

Dates: July 30th to August 10th
Cost: $6,500 CAD per person

Prices are subject to change without notice. 5% GST applicable to all prices.