The Hess River



2 weeks of wilderness, wildlife, and whitewater. Canoe/kayak with raft support. The Hess has the most consistent whitewater in the Yukon. Class II to IV.

We will fly via small charter plane from Mayo to Porter Lake. There is a one kilometer portage to the head water of the river. We will travel light, with inflatable canoe, small rafts and, or kayaks.

At first the river is small and narrow. It is the perfect habitat for moose, caribou and a great variety of waterfowl. The river flows South towards Keele Peak which is the highest point in the Selwyn-Mackenzie Mountains. Keele Peak is a huge circular, stand-alone massif, surrounded by valleys with small trees. The massif contains glaciers radiating out from the peak, and covering an area 10 km by 10 km. We will navigate 8 kms of grade III+ rapids before reaching Keele Creek where the river turns west towards Mayo and the Steward River. From here on the scenery changes to the typical rolling hills of central Yukon.

The Hess is the most consistent whitewater trip of the Yukon, we will encounter rapids everyday, grade III+. This is a true wilderness trip, a long way from roads and people, the river flows through a rich wildlife habitat, we are often rewarded by animals sighting. Colorful canyons, pristine wilderness and whitewater, it is a trip you won’t want to miss.

Traveling on the Hess is more of an adventure. The flight in limits the amount of gear we can carry. We are using small rafts and inflatable canoes to limit the amount of portaging/lining we would have to do in a regular canoe. Guests will need to participate actively in any portaging or lining of the boats as well as paddling. We will use freeze dried food; they will be plenty of food but no fancy meals.




Pricing & Dates

We need a minimum of 5 guests on the trip.
Includes: Flight in from Whitehorse or Sheldon Lake
Distance: 490 kms, 330 kms on the Hess plus 160 kms on the Steward
Dates: Flexible throughout the summer.
Cost: $6,200 CAD per person

Prices are subject to change without notice. 5% GST applicable to all prices.

Day 1

Transport to the head of the river.

Day 2 – until the end

Combination of paddling and hiking and layover days based on the groups preferences and interests.

Hess River trip is generally two weeks long, however the length can be altered to cater to the guests’ needs.