Rafts designed to combine speed and great maneuverability. Symmetric boats, self-bailing with models that perform on easy floats or the most technical white water. All rafts are reinforced on the bottom side by double layers for super durability when use on shallow rivers.  A step-less curve of the body prevents the abrasion lines.


Selfbailing canoes with great performance on whitewater with open drainage system or great touring canoe for easy water or multiday trips with a big load when drainage system is closed. Stable in waves, fast on lakes. Experienced boaters will quickly understand this great canoe. 


Range of models that are stable and self-bailing  with performance of hardshell boat. Fast and manoeuvrable, good for beginners, for experienced boaters or experts as well. High pressure packraft from extremely heavy duty fabric, that takes you anywhere and make it fun!


Extremely stable, self-bailing. It is almost impossible to flip this boat. Kayak is designed for easy summer floats, as well as for white water runs. Paddler is fixed by leg support, back rest and straps over the knees. Designed to work long time, be stable and safe. Ideal kayak for rentals or operators.

We can fix or patch your boat!

Long days and extended tours require a different kind of paddling suit. The NRS Navigator delivers with a comfortable neoprene neck seal, Eclipse™ 4-layer fabric and smart details for touring comfort and convenience.


With an easy-wearing neoprene neck seal and proven Eclipse™ 4-layer fabric, the NRS Explorer Paddling Suit’s streamlined design gives you everything you need and nothing you don’t for comfortable all-day paddling adventures.


With the Kokatat Women’s Gore-Tex® Meridian Drysuit you get legendary Kokatat and Gore-Tex quality in a drysuit patterned specifically for female kayakers. And you’ll love the convenient drop seat.


The highly breathable, action-designed Kokatat Women’s GFED Gore-Tex® front-entry drysuit gives you the latest in outerwear technology, Kokatat quality, and a convenient zippered drop seat.