Tatshenshini Expediting and the Junior Rangers.

The Junior Rangers Program bring youth from Northern Canada to the Yukon for a week of training. The Youth are between the ages of 13 to 18.
For the last few years Tatshenshini Expediting LTD has been teaching the youth canoeing, rafting and river rescue skills.
This program has been a lot of fun for us and our guides. Some of the kids from the far north are not used to play in the water and rivers. It is great to teach them how to swim and enjoy the water.
Through teaching this program we have learned a lot about living in Canada’s far north, the Canadian Rangers and the army staff that coordinate the whole program. It is also a great experience for us.
We have been able to rid the kids from their fear of water and replace it with a healthy respect. The promotion of using a life jacket has been a huge success.