Tatshenshini Guides Paddle the White Nile and Perform Volunteers Work in Uganda, Africa.

Check out: http://softpoweruganda.brinkster.net/home.htm. This is who we worked with in Uganda and it is a great organization.
If you are interested in Malaria information check out the work Dr. Jessie Stone is doing: www.softpowerhealth.org

Africa is an eye opener! You get back to Canada and you want to kiss the ground we live on. Education is key to helping Africa but you don’t educate in a week, it will take years. People in Uganda are super friendly.

Paddling the White Nile is fun, fun, fun!

The water is warm, warm, warm!

Can you raft the White Nile without swimming?

Probably not! Is it dangerous?

Not really, they raft everyday without any problems.

Aside from the whitewater you will see lots of local culture on the side of the river and the bird life is fantastic, best I have ever seen.

Best company to go with:

Uganda is famous for the mountain gorillas. It is expensive to see them, last year we paid $ 360 US for the privilege and the price is going up. There are many other parks where you can see wildlife.